Infill Consulting  Services LLC has combined local and international experience to create a full-service development consulting company like no other.


Providing services for those who seek to invest in new development or those seeking to repurpose existing properties, we can provide our years of expertise in assisting you every step of the way!


We can assist in identifying potential properties for specific projects and provide our experience in planning, design, permitting, construction, FF&E, financial analysis, potential joint venture opportunities, hotel/apartment management, turnkey operations, and more.

Infill Consulting Services LLC has embraced Leonardo Fibonacci’s belief and work as reflected in our logo and our approach to design, architecture, and the ripple effect caused by the Fibonacci Sequence.

Through Fibonacci proportions, two symbol options were created to represent four interlaced links to represent the company's areas of expertise.

The Fibonacci Sequence is a succession of numbers that, mysteriously, appear in many phenomena of nature. Described at the end of the 12th century by the Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci, it is infinite and starts with 0 and 1. The following numbers are always the sum of the two previous numbers. After 0 and 1, come 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 …

This ideal ratio is used by many because of its apparent lure to the human eye.  The Golden Ratio has been said to be the most appealing ratio, and is therefore used frequently.  Everything from commercial advertising companies, to painters, to even doctors incorporate this ‘magical’ ratio into their work.

By transforming these numbers and arranging them geometrically, it is possible to trace a perfect spiral.

The sequence terms also establish the so-called “golden ratio”, widely used in art, architecture, and design as it is considered pleasing to the eye. Palette Chromatic Modern representing vanguard and innovation.

Four links represent dynamism and unity in the company's areas of expertise.

So whether it's redeveloping or repurposing an existing property, designing sustainable/workforce housing, imaging a truly beautiful retail center, or creating the next dream vacation destination, you will be hard-pressed to find a more dedicated team than our team at Infill Consulting Services LLC

Hector Lizasuain is a well-respected leader within the Central Florida region providing critical strategy, leadership, and execution working with County, State agencies, the federal government to streamline and facilitate permitting processes for development projects in the pipeline.

Mr. Lizasuain has been a pivotal and transformative leader in raising his community’s and client’s profile, visibility, and perception, attracting local and international investors and bringing distinction and renown to the Central Florida Market. As the former Executive Director of the West 192 Development Authority with the County’s financial well-being riding on this project – the largest public / private partnership in the U.S. covering 13,000 acres on a 15-mile stretch of  Hwy 192– he onboarded and orchestrated economic development efforts to build a designated revenue stream not contingent on tax increases. He served as a conduit between West 192 Development Authority and stakeholder business organizations as an ambassador and advocate for the project, gaining consensus and buy-in from stakeholders, the Florida Department of Transportation, and Osceola County Government.

Mr. Lizasuain leverages his international business development and public relations expertise to reinforce revenue sources in Osceola County and create new jobs. He is heavily involved with the Tourism Industry and has spearheaded a number of key destination development strategies funneling business opportunities to the County – enabled by relationship and partnership management, and collaborative planning, within local, national, and international markets. His ideation of programs synergizing public and private sector engagement has reimagined new business development concepts, fostered growth, and provided a model for cost-effective, long-range planning.


Mr. Lizasuain has been a community touchstone for counties, communities, and groups with resources and favorable influence over the West 192 Redevelopment District and Osceola Parkway Toll Road. He has performed as the Advisory Board and County Manager’s principal Project Manager, representing 4,200 property owners, 600 businesses, and surrounding government agencies; participating and providing strategic input at committee meetings, economic planning and development sessions, field training programs, and community and investment policymaking meetings.    


Mr. Lizasuain has been recognized with a number of awards and honors including America’s Crown Communities Award, the County Distinguished Leader Award, KUA’s Shining Lights Profile, Osceola County Employee of the Month, and 2019 Larson's Life Time Achievement Award by the tourism industry.               


Mr. Lizasuain is well-respected in his community, having Chaired and Vice-Chaired multiple Development and Redevelopment Councils, sat on the Board of Directors for the Chamber of Commerce, contributed his time as a volunteer instructor of economics and business, and provided senior leadership of local initiatives including those geared towards children’s charities, family stabilization, and community safety.

Gustavo Kobinger holds a BS degree in Economics. Mr. Kobinger has more than 15 years in Corporate Finance Advisory Services, advising clients to reach their goals by optimizing their capital structure through the issue of various types of debt or equity. During this period, Mr. Kobinger also led National and International Merger and Acquisition transactions in different industries, that exceeds $500 Million. 

Mr. Kobinger was a Partner of Brasilpar and Arsenal Investments, two of the most traditional M&A boutiques in Brazil. 

Mr. Kobinger also worked as Interim Financial Manager in mid-corporates and in the banking industry for 5 years heading up the Corporate Banking Credit Team for Citibank and Deutsche Bank.  With this vast experience, combined with his ability to structure responsible joint ventures and identifying ways to restructure debt, Mr. Kobinger has become a vital member of our Infill Consulting Team.

Elisa Gontijo is an executive-level hospitality project consultant and owner of Design407 Concept leveraging a distinguished 20-year career in architecture, interior design, and project management to drive innovation and quality excellence in local and international projects. Using her well-regarded expertise with high-end hotel, timeshare, and housing initiatives, she has been instrumental in championing hotels, retails, and housing projects.

Elisa possesses broad knowledge and an extensive background in all design areas, employing lauded talent associated with projects ranging from luxury hotels to resorts, spas, clubhouses, restaurants, and exclusive residential.  Her efforts in directing and coordinating architecture, interior, and FF&E procurement, as well as conceptual design and design implementation, have helped catapult the Magic brand to marketplace prominence in an emerging niche industry. She serves as a trusted advisor to developers and investors, providing comprehensive analysis of project case study, feasibility, resource planning, team building, initiation, budget management, change management, and closure. 

Elisa has worked with some of the most prestigious conceptual interior design companies across the globe, most notably as Executive Vice President of Design and Architecture for Zero11 Arquitetura. Her influence can be observed in hundreds of hotels in Brazil, Dubai, Uruguay, Argentina, and the United States. Prior to joining Magic Development, she founded Design407 Concept, providing an array of services including full-scale renovation, redesign, and new construction, from concept through execution, for luxury residential, commercial, and hospitality portfolios. 

Elisa is a strong business leader in a multidisciplinary sense, complementing her areas of expertise with entrepreneurial acumen, outstanding management skills, financial savvy, and the systematic organization of resources, processes, personnel, and services into streamlined hierarchies to achieve complex long-range objectives within time and budget constraints. Considering such, her projects adapt seamlessly to unique requirements, circumstances, and expectations presented by the most demanding high profile/enterprise-level clients.

Design407 Concept has been an excellent vehicle for Elisa and her talented professional team to push the boundaries of creative and groundbreaking design and deliver to clients one-of-a-kind projects that resonate with emotion and ambiance. She embraces stylistic challenges and is eager to reinterpret new and emerging trends through the non-conformant application of materials and methodologies. Both here, and throughout her career, she has been able to demonstrate a consistent level of project quality befitting that of the more sought after professionals in the architecture and design industry.

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