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Meet Mr. Hector Lizasuain

Hector Lizasuain is a well-respected leader within the Central Florida region providing critical strategy, leadership, and execution working with County, State agencies, the federal government to streamline and facilitate permitting processes for development projects in the pipeline.

Mr. Lizasuain has been a pivotal and transformative leader in raising his community’s and client’s profile, visibility, and perception, attracting local and international investors and bringing distinction and renown to the Central Florida Market. As the former Executive Director of the West 192 Development Authority with the County’s financial well-being riding on this project – the largest public / private partnership in the U.S. covering 13,000 acres on a 15-mile stretch of Hwy 192– he onboarded and orchestrated economic development efforts to build a designated revenue stream not contingent on tax increases. He served as a conduit between West 192 Development Authority and stakeholder business organizations as an ambassador and advocate for the project, gaining consensus and buy-in from stakeholders, the Florida Department of Transportation, and Osceola County Government.

Mr. Lizasuain leverages his international business development and public relations expertise to reinforce revenue sources in Osceola County and create new jobs. He is heavily involved with the Tourism Industry and has spearheaded a number of key destination development strategies funneling business opportunities to the County – enabled by relationship and partnership management, and collaborative planning, within local, national, and international markets. His ideation of programs synergizing public and private sector engagement has reimagined new business development concepts, fostered growth, and provided a model for cost-effective, long-range planning.

Mr. Lizasuain has been a community touchstone for counties, communities, and groups with resources and favorable influence over the West 192 Redevelopment District and Osceola Parkway Toll Road. He has performed as the Advisory Board and County Manager’s principal Project Manager, representing 4,200 property owners, 600 businesses, and surrounding government agencies; participating and providing strategic input at committee meetings, economic planning and development sessions, field training programs, and community and investment policymaking meetings.    

Mr. Lizasuain has been recognized with a number of awards and honors including America’s Crown Communities Award, the County Distinguished Leader Award, KUA’s Shining Lights Profile, Osceola County Employee of the Month, and 2019 Larson's Life Time Achievement Award by the tourism industry.               

Mr. Lizasuain is well-respected in his community, having Chaired and Vice-Chaired multiple Development and Redevelopment Councils, sat on the Board of Directors for the Chamber of Commerce, contributed his time as a volunteer instructor of economics and business, and provided senior leadership of local initiatives including those geared towards children’s charities, family stabilization, and community safety.

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