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Meet Ms. Elisa Gontijo

Elisa Gontijo is an executive-level hospitality project consultant and owner of Design407 Concept leveraging a distinguished 20-year career in architecture, interior design, and project management to drive innovation and quality excellence in local and international projects. Using her well-regarded expertise with high-end hotel, timeshare, and housing initiatives, she has been instrumental in championing hotels, retails, and housing projects.

Elisa possesses broad knowledge and an extensive background in all design areas, employing lauded talent associated with projects ranging from luxury hotels to resorts, spas, clubhouses, restaurants, and exclusive residential.  Her efforts in directing and coordinating architecture, interior, and FF&E procurement, as well as conceptual design and design implementation, have helped catapult the Magic brand to marketplace prominence in an emerging niche industry. She serves as a trusted advisor to developers and investors, providing comprehensive analysis of project case study, feasibility, resource planning, team building, initiation, budget management, change management, and closure. 

Elisa has worked with some of the most prestigious conceptual interior design companies across the globe, most notably as Executive Vice President of Design and Architecture for Zero11 Arquitetura. Her influence can be observed in hundreds of hotels in Brazil, Dubai, Uruguay, Argentina, and the United States. Prior to joining Magic Development, she founded Design407 Concept, providing an array of services including full-scale renovation, redesign, and new construction, from concept through execution, for luxury residential, commercial, and hospitality portfolios. 

Elisa is a strong business leader in a multidisciplinary sense, complementing her areas of expertise with entrepreneurial acumen, outstanding management skills, financial savvy, and the systematic organization of resources, processes, personnel, and services into streamlined hierarchies to achieve complex long-range objectives within time and budget constraints. Considering such, her projects adapt seamlessly to unique requirements, circumstances, and expectations presented by the most demanding high profile/enterprise-level clients.

Design407 Concept has been an excellent vehicle for Elisa and her talented professional team to push the boundaries of creative and groundbreaking design and deliver to clients one-of-a-kind projects that resonate with emotion and ambiance. She embraces stylistic challenges and is eager to reinterpret new and emerging trends through the non-conformant application of materials and methodologies. Both here, and throughout her career, she has been able to demonstrate a consistent level of project quality befitting that of the more sought after professionals in the architecture and design industry.

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